Dr Charlotte Westbury, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Charlotte Westbury, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Charlotte Westbury qualified from the University of Edinburgh in 1994. She undertook her training in Clinical Oncology at the Royal Marsden, Mount Vernon and University College Hospitals.

Following a period of study in the Breakthrough Breast Cancer laboratories she was awarded a PhD from The Institute of Cancer Research in 2009. She carried out further postdoctoral studies as a NIHR Clinical Lecturer at University College London, prior to completing specialist training.

She was appointed Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Hillingdon Hospital and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in September 2012. She specialises in the treatment of breast and urological cancers and in acute oncology.

She has co-authored papers in peer-reviewed journals and text book chapters on breast cancer. Her main research interest is into the late effects of radiation on normal tissues and she has been invited to speak internationally and has peer reviewed articles in this field.


Dr Andreas Makris, Consultant Clinical Oncologists

Dr Andreas Makris

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